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A new design of a 15kva single phase full core superconducting transformer, operating in liquid nitrogen, is presented. Design optimization of hightemperature superconducting. Design results are presented for a fivelegged core, threephase, 3. Pdf a study of superconducting transformer with shortcircuit. Distribution network modelling and analysis of the. While many fcl design concepts are being evaluated for commercial use. In a hightemperature superconducting hts transformer leakage magnetic field, especially its radial component, decreases the critical current and increases the ac losses in the tapes. Performance of highfrequency highflux magnetic cores at. First, a copper mockup of the superconducting transformer was designed where the mockup would have the same tape and winding dimensions. Hightemperature superconducting materials science and. By taking advantage of the high temperature superconducting. A new design of a 15kva single phase full core superconducting transformer, op.

The primary dissipates power mainly because of its electrical resistance. The aim of the project was to show the future prospects for superconducting railway transformers. Purchase hightemperature superconducting materials science and engineering 1st edition. The calculations of the loaddependent efficiency for both transformers are performed referring to a real case application of a power transformer in a power plant. All superconducting materials known at ordinary pressures currently work far. Conceptual design of a 5 mva single phase high temperature superconducting transformer. In 2004, cryomagnetics completed and successfully tested a 3. A hightemperature superconducting transformer with. Thats a pretty effective way to eliminate core losses. Superconducting transformer design and construction core. International journal of electrical and computer engineering ijece. The main benefits of hts transformers are reduced size, weight, energy. High temperature superconductivity conductivity 106 better than copper current density 10 times larger than in copper windings cheap technology often compared to water cooling great potential in electric power applications generators, motors, fault current limiters, transformers, flywheels, cables, etc.

Esas summer school on high temperature superconductor technology for sustainable energy and transport systems, june 8th14th 2016, bologna 2 mathias noe, institute of technical physics outline superconducting transformers o transformer history o basic transformer design o motivation of superconducting transformers o basics of superconducting. Electrical power engineering, school of electronics and computer science. Hts transformer windings design using distributive ratios. Conceptual design of a 5 mva single phase high temperature. Hts transformer, hysteresis loss, leakage flux, finite element method. The article presents the design and the electrical circuit of the transformer, the equations of electromagnetic balance, and the total resistance of the primary. Eep electrical engineering portal eep is engineering portal dedicated to electrical science and education and its core purpose is to spread knowledge and educate power engineers in fields of power substations, industrial automation, low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage applications etc.

As the navy moves to the allelectric warship, superconducting. These changes include ac losses, shortcircuit stresses, and cooling loads. Hts transformers can be divided into hts conventional transformers with the windings formed. High temperature superconducting demonstrator transformer. There is given the design concept of hightemperature superconducting windings of the transformer, made in the form of newly developed firstgeneration high. Does ornl part of initiative for superconducting transformer august 31, 1998 a superconductivity partnership initiative to be signed tuesday by the department of energy doe and waukesha electric systems is a mega boost toward nextgeneration transformers that are vastly more efficient, reliable and compact.

Bednorz, a new interest for power application studies appeared. An experimental high temperature superconducting transformer. Sutanto the hong kong polytechnic university, hung hum, hong kong. Hts superconducting coils for applications in electrical engineering 279 in the case of double pancake coil fig.

Development of a cooling system for hightemperature. Yanagic amit plasma science and fusion center cnational institute for fusion science b tohoku university, sendai, japan december 2010 supported in part by us doe office of fusion energy sciences. Htsc superconduction the lossfree electric conduction properties of some materials at very low temperatures was discovered in 1911. February 6, 2003 course information superconductivity. The application of high temperature superconductors to. The proposal is to use hightemperature superconducting tape for the conductors. High temperature superconducting partial core transformers. One is the cable formulation of the hts film suitable for power cable and other utility applications and. Superconducting transformer design and construction. Does ornl part of initiative for superconducting transformer. Development of high temperature superconducting power. Pdf hightemperature superconducting hts transformer. Pdf development of hts transformers and a 10 kva hts.

One valve is a full ln2 rated manual vent to be used. Comparison of the efficiency of superconducting and. High temperature superconducting hts no insulation ni coil is a promising design because of high current density, high thermal stability, and selfprotection mechanism. Transformer iee collaborating with tebian electric apparatus stock co. An example design of a 50 mva transformer is included for illustrating design, technology, and economic issues. Abstract the chapter provides an overview of power applications of high temperature superconductivity hts with emphasis on superconducting transformers. In may of 2001 some 150,000 residents of copenhagen, denmark, began receiving their electricity through hts hightemperature superconducting material. Distribution transformers have inherently high efficiencies of up to 99 %, however they are in continuous operation and have a long lifespan, hence their power loss cost is still significant. The final design of the high temperature superconducting partial core transformer and fault current limiter is then presented. In a superconducting transformer the primary dissipates no power except for a small electromagnetic radiation term, so near 100% efficiency can be obtained with no core at all. High temperature superconducting partial core transformer. For lengths over 200 m, the untwisted filaments have an engineering critical current of 4500 acm 2 at self field 77k, and specific average losses of 3 mwa during the transformer operation at rated current. Hts high temperature superconducting hv high voltage ieee institute of electrical and electronics engineers k kelvin kva kilovoltampere kw kilowatt kwhr kilowatthour lts low temperature superconducting lv low voltage meps minimum energy producing standards ohl over head line p power. The temperature is lower than permissive temperature8.

Hightemperature superconducting electric power products. Examples of high temperature superconducting materials 21. It then examines the stateoftheart in lts transformer development during the last decade and the status of high temperature superconducting hts transformer and conductor development. The issues with building the superconducting transformer are outlined. Hts high temperature superconductor cryomagnetics, inc. The htsc transformer with a separate winding for excitation of the mutual magnetic flux is considered. Schematics of mixed state superconducting electron density distribution. The modelling was used to predict the performance of the transformer as well as the ac losses of the high temperature superconductor. Navy, and, in the testing of highspeed machines, large solar pv inverters, power electronics devices for shipboard and electric utility.

A new 15kva, 230230v high temperature superconducting partial core transformer was designed, built and tested. Calculation of ac loss for high temperature superconductor. Configuration and use of spis high temperature superconducting wire materials spis hightemperature superconducting wire materials have two product types sold for several different applications. Selected hightemperature superconducting electric power. Utility engineers envision the benefits of hts transformers and how they could solve substation problems. This document describes the 630 kva hts transformer project made by abb jointly with edf and asc. Superconducting transformers have the potential to achieve higher levels of efficiency. The goal of this work is the comparison of the efficiency and the annual energy losses of a superconducting from 2g high temperature superconductors and conventional transformer.

We describe the hightemperature superconducting hts transformer project run by siemens. Combining the above equations we can write p 4 if we put in values of d and p for copper 8. However, due to the high cost and impracticality of cooling miles of superconducting wire to cryogenic temperatures, this has only happened with short test runs. The project started in october 1996 and ended in september 2001. A graphical illustration of the hts transformer 41. The development of high temperature superconducting hts power transformers has made remarkable progress in recent years. In 2003, a threephase 26kva hts transformer with room temperature iron core was developed and tested at 77k. It could be transformed into roebel cables for carrying larger currents.

Psfcja1045 status of high temperature superconducting magnet development l. Navy support, and in cooperation with the national high magnetic field laboratory, caps has developed research and testing facilities with specialized capabilities in ac loss measurement and quench stability of superconducting. System investigation of high temperature superconducting selflimiting transformer. Poynting vector in hightemperature superconducting. From the test results, we can confirm that the protection system successfully works for the hts transformer. If a 40 mva transformer with a high temperature superconducting. Hts transformers offer the possibility of operating with low losses and at 10 to 30 times greater. Hightemperature superconductivity can fundamentally reshape. University of southampton, southampton so17 1bj, uk. The project started april 1994 and its goal was to manufacture a real scale superconducting distribution transformer and to operate it during one year in the grid of genevas utility sig. Quench detection and protection for high temperature. Since the discovery of high temperature superconductors htsc in 1986 by k. Pdf an experimental high temperature superconducting. Superconducting fault current limiters sfcls utilize superconducting materials to limit the current directly or to supply a dc bias current that affects the level of magnetization of a saturable iron core.

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