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Your doctor will use these strings to eventually remove your iud, and you should check them every month to make sure your iud is in the right place. The cervix the opening to the uterus sits at the tippytop of the vagina. When one of these iuds is in place, levonorgestrel is. Over time, your partner might not feel the strings at all. The strings need to wrap wround the cervix to avoid your feeling them. And it must be said that in reading up on this topic, i encountered several female authors opining online t. Apr 12, 2017 what iuds really feel like during sex, according to guys. I am seriously debating getting an iud though i would prefer something more permanent and will talk to my gyn tomorrow. Well today i still feel discomfort there and cant cough or sneeze with out pain and i still dont feel my mirena strings. Its inserted into the uterus, where it provides safe, highly effective longterm contraception. You should not be able to feel your iud, but if you cant feel the strings, its possible that the iud might have been expelled. Iud stands for intrauterine device because the tiny tshaped device sits inside of the uterusnot in the vagina. What you should be able to feel is the strings, which is how iuds operate and is totally normal.

Some women just have trouble feeling them, and sometimes the strings are cut so short that theyre difficult to discern. I had the mirena inserted yesterday, and in the evening this occurred to me. Heres how to figure out if the iud is safe for you. After the insertion however, oh man was i in so much pain, i was white as a ghost and felt sick as well as having really bad cramps. Im on the tail end of my period and the other string is curled up higher. Aug 20, 2012 the title is pretty selfexplanatory, but i just had my first iud inserted today.

If youve always felt the strings and all of a sudden you dont, call your. Once you reach your cervix, which is harder than vaginal soft tissue, try to feel for the strings. Have iud, but still feel weir mirena removal issue weight gain with mirena iud could mirena be the problem mirena coil strings cause unpleasantness. Even if your strings are causing pain to your partner, they can be cut off within the cervix so that he doesnt feel them at all. If the strings are tucked behind the cervix, it would be very hard for a guy to feel them during sex. I was also concerned about it because the strings are kinda sharp when you feel. I asked my husband the same question after i had my iud inserted and he said that he could not feel the strings. Eight women with very different iud removal stories revealed how it feels to have an iud removed or expelled. You may need to have your iud removed if your bleeding or pain becomes severe. Can he cum inside me with the iud answers on healthtap.

I had a very similar problem though my partner couldnt feel the strings, i had terrible pain during sex and intermittent pain and moments when i could feel the iud. Hello everyone, i have had the mirena in for about a year now, and i have not had any periods at all. If an iud is starting to be extruded the tip might be felt at the cervix feels a bit like a matchstick to an examining finger but might be uncomfortable for a glans penis. There may be a few reasons why they arent found, including complete expulsion, uterine changes, and movement of the strings or iud. Talk to your nurse or doctor to find out if iuds are safe for you. Can a man feel the coil strings during intercourse. So, you can have your ob cut the string short so there is no problem. The iud is placed inside the uterus, at the very top called the fundus, so it should be out of the way where no partner should ever run into it. With that clarification, the question of whether or not the man feels the iud has been a topic of discussion for many years across many forums. A friend of mine who is a womens health nurse practitioner actually tells her female patients to not even mention the string thing to dudes, because then dudes always think they can feel the strings, even though thats highly unlikely. The iud is in the uterus, and a man does not enter the uterus during sex.

I could feel the strings sometimes, and my partner could feel them during. Other days, it sits low and its easier to feel my strings. Intrauterine devices iuds center for young womens health. Iud question can the man feel the strings from the iud. With your finger in place, feel around for your iud string. Use a back up method of birth control until you can see your health. Sep 28, 2006 ive had the copper iud for two years now. Ive come to notice that it is really hard to feel the strings some days because my cervix is so high up there. But although the ob allowed me to feel this strings before she placed it, i have not been able to since. No iud stings felt as they were cut very short at insertionin this case strings may be teased back out using a sterile qtip. If the string feels longer or shorter than you expected, or you. The iud has strings that come through the cervix to ensure.

Ive had the iud since 2005 and have always felt wierd to have it in me but ive tried all the other birthcontrol and. Important member information, download a fact sheet pdf. It would mean that your iud has migrated into the cervix, which would be. By her pain is unrelated i just mean that it is not caused by her iud string. I have an iud and i can feel the strings with my hand. Most people can use iuds safely, but there are some conditions that make side effects or complications more likely. All you need to know about iud insertion, iud side effects. They say the strings are supposed to soften but if they havent by now and mine havent after four years. I to be honest, i have had to in many cases make sure the strings were still in place to make sure it was not knocked loose. Some iuds mirena, skyla, kyleena, and liletta, contain the hormone levonorgestrel a type of progesterone. I couldnt feel the strings of mine after 6 months of it being fitted but just left it till it was due to be replaced five years later. Once the iud is inserted, you shouldnt be able to feel the t at all. If they are too long or too short, you may be able to feel them, but it is doubtful they would cause you pain. If a client says her iud strings are missing, the health care provider should determine her risk of pregnancy by asking the woman when she last felt the strings and if she has had unprotected intercourse since that time.

But if your partner can feel the strings or if you feel your iud during sex let your. If it bothers you, she should have it taken out, they cant trim the strings too much or else the iud couldnt be pulled out. If the strings are bothering you or your partner during sex, they can be cut shorter so they dont. Have only one sex partner who does not have other sex partners and who is infectionfree.

Its incredibly rare that your partner would ever feel the iud strings, ive been putting. Sep 11, 2015 would you get an iud as a form of contraception. Im pretty freaked out about expulsion because im only 20 and definitely could not handle a pregnancy right now. Is it normal to have pain during sex while on mirena. Because of this, men can not feel the strings of the iud. Whether you just had an iud placed or youre on the fence, there are a few things. During sexual intercourse, your partner may feel the strings.

I cant feel my mirena strings, i know your supposed to check for them but ive never been able to feel them, even right after i got the mirena inserted. I sent her back because i could still feel the strings. When im walking around doing normal everyday activities, i can feel something in my vagina that reminds me slightly of a tampon. It is inserted with a string for easy removal, and its the string that your partner can feel. If you do, call your health care provider, because the iud is out of place.

Im posting because i consider it important for women considering an iud to know that the strings can cause pain in a male partner, and trimming the strings is not a cureall. After showing him where the iud should be sitting, hes certain the copper part is still within my uterus. Aug 19, 2008 i have had an iud for 6 years and i have never once had my husband claim he can feel it. Plastic strings are attached to the end, which run through the cervix and outside into the vagina.

The strings attached to iuds like mirena and paragard run down the uterus and out the cervix, finding their final resting place somewhere high up in the vaginal canal. There are two types of iuds currently available in the united states. This website has been wonderful in helping me decide what to do concerning the iud. Ill answer this one from painful firsthand experience as a male partner. You dont, however, need to run to the doctor just because you cant feel your iud strings after bedbreaking sex. Can you feel your strings hanging in your vagina iud. A gyno will use those strings to remove the iud later. So i assumed that the suction may have drawn the string down but not pulled the iud itself. What you do with your vagina during sex wont affect your uterus. Since many women may show no symptoms of iud expulsion, it is important that you learn how to check your iud strings because this may be the only way to tell for sure if your iud has dislodged or has moved out of place. Have your partner see her gynecologist to check the strings and make sure the iud itself is where it should be.

Crucially though, it never feels as though mattson is playing a character, even if in some sense he clearly is. I was cooking one day and felt the iud strings rubbing. Missing iud strings may be a sign that the iud has been expelled or has perforated the uterus. What having sex with an iud feels like as told by men.

An intrauterine device iud is a form of birth control that your doctor places inside your uterus. Jan 17, 2012 i have an iud and i can feel the strings with my hand. This is more common within the first 3 months after you get the iud. However, you will be able to feel the strings attached to the end of the iud if you place a finger into the vagina. I just had my copper coil nova inserted yesterday morning the insertion itself was actually okay surprisingly and not too sore at all.

The feeling comes and goesim just vaguely aware of something hanging out down there. On the other hand, if your partner is actually feeling more than just the iud string, that wouldnt be news to you. If the string feels longer or shorter than you expected, or you can feel the plastic end of the mirena device, talk to your healthcare provider. Iud strings suddenly hanging outside my body 5 months. I dont know if the paindiscomfort is actually related to the iud but to have the strings disappear at the same time seems more than coincidence. They dont prevent stds, so if you have concerns about your partners fidelity or are not mutually monogamous, condoms are important to preventing stds. To license this video for content marketing or patient education, visit this video, created by nucleus medical media, shows. Iud strings drastically shorter should i panic mumsnet. Not only can guys not feel your iuds, but they also probably dont even know. Jan 16, 2008 thats thoroughly wellknown to experience them. The iud strings let the patient know whether her iud is still in place. Actually, if youre bumping up against the strings youre probably jiggling the iud, and that can hurt a lot crampy hurt, which sounds pretty accurate. Mar 23, 2020 an intrauterine device is a type of birth control that is inserted through the vagina and cervix into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. My partner was fingering me and could feel the nub end of my copper iud, the part that the string is attached to, poking through my cervix.

When it was removed the nurse had to do a hunting around to reach the strings but she got there in the end. You should call the gyn or clinic that inserted your iud. Iud side effects and how to handle them healthline. Iud strings suddenly hanging outside my body 5 months after insertion, is this normal. Iuds are among the top tier of birth control, and are as effective as sterilization at preventing pregnancy. My iud is a little over two months old and i dont want the strings to poke his penis while were having sex, cause hes slightly bigger than average, i have a deeper than average vagina and we like to get rough during intercourse. Jul 21, 2008 after i had my son in march 6 weeks after, i got the mirena. Long working length 25cm prefect for cutting iud strings blunt tip with slight curve high quality stainless steel finely serrated teeth in the jaw helps secure the. No iud strings felt as iud was expelledusually the woman would notice cramping and the actual iud part way out eg feel the hard plastic stem end. My doctor checked and theyre still there where they are supposed to be but i still cant feel them.

Weird signs that your iud placement is moving yourtango. When an iud is in the right place in your uterus, a string about one to two inches long hangs into your vagina. Apr 14, 2018 your iud options are a nonhormonal one containing copper, like paragard, or ones with levonorgestrel, a progestin hormone only a small amount reaches the bloodstream and therefore does not have. If you feel more than just the threads, mirena levonorgestrelreleasing intrauterine system is not in the right position and may not prevent pregnancy. Aug 08, 2008 if mirena iud strings are tucked back, what keeps them from poking me. Just today i noticed one of the strings so low that its near the opening of my vagina. Can your iud strings sometimes come outside your body even months after insertion. I cant feel my mirena strings, i know your supposed to check for them but ive never been able to feel them, even right a. Its possible for a partner to feel this string during sex, but the mucus in your cervix makes it diffic. Dec 29, 2010 check your strings monthly with help from a practicing doctor and obstetrician in this free video. However, there are strings that dangle down from your iud. The copperbearing iud acts as a spermicide, killing or impairing sperm so they. I have one and there are times when my husband can feel it.

Partners may be able to feel the iud strings during sex. There is a small risk of an infection within the first 20 days after the iud is placed. I have heard of men not enjoying being poked by the iud strings, how common is this. Right away my husband and i experienced trouble during intercourse with the head of his penis getting poked by the string attached to the iud, and apparently its pretty painful, like needles poking it. Sometimes a man can feel the strings if they are too long. It didnt hurt when he touched it, and i cant feel it just when im walking or sitting or anything. Once its inside, it will protect against pregnancy for up to 10 years, depending on the type. Are your fingers not long enough to feel your iud strings. If you have an iud and you or your partner can feel the hard part of the iud, or either of you notices that the string feels longer than usual, its possible that the iud has moved and needs to be put. Questions about iuds you were too embarrassed to ask insider. What getting an iud inserted into your vagina feels like. I have searched and not found an explanation, and when i called the doc they had just closed for the weekend. The strings are really hard when you first get it and might be pokey.

I had it put in i think 6 weeks after i had my son. No iud strings felt as iud perforated the wall of the uterusthis is most likely to occur at the time of insertion, not months later. If mirena iud strings are tucked back, what keeps them from. Most importantly if it is starting to come out, it may not be working. What sex feels like with an iud can guys feel an iud during sex. My experience with the paragaurd copper iud missing strings.

One woman did and its the best thing shes ever done. And, if it is a problem go back and have it cut shorter. This reddit thread on whether men can feel the strings of an iud. When it was removed the nurse had to do a hunting around to reach the strings but she got there in. So when i went in for my pap, i ask the dr to check and see if the mirena was still there, she couldnt find it, so she gave me an ultrasound to make sure it was there, it was the strings are just missing. I dont planexpect to do this for the life of the iud, but for the first month or so im cool with it. A copper intra uterine device prevents pregnancy by more than 99 per cent mostly by the copper stopping or. Download clue to track your birth control and cycle symptoms.

From what i understand, they sort of wrap the strings around your cervix for the comfort of your partner. Your doctor may have you feel for the iud string right after insertion, to be sure you. If you do not feel the strings, it does not automatically mean your iud fell out as with the time. Feb 03, 2020 a copper iud may cause your monthly period to be heavier or more painful. If a client says her iud strings are missing, the health care provider should determine her risk of pregnancy by asking the woman when she last felt the strings and if she. How do you tell the difference between your strings and the actual iud if it is expelling.

So i took some tylenol and laid down as best i could to go to bed. But im having a bit of paranoia as im sure all women do when they first get their iuds and was wondering about feeling the strings. But missing strings could indicate that your iud has moved out of place. What getting an iud inserted into your vagina feels like yourtango. You should tell your partner that if she feels the strings. I can no longer feel the strings of my mirena iud updated on march 14, 2007. The strings should be left long enough to be tucked up behind the cervix. A small portion of men report that they can feel the strings during. The strings could have just got twisted up so dont panic that the iud has moved. What should you do if you need surgery because your mirena iud moved. For more help from our medical coauthor, like how to recognize signs.

Download clue to track your iud insertion date and thread checks. If you or your partner can feel part of the iud in the cervix, and thats scraping him, the iud is not likely to be effective. What iuds really feel like during sex, according to guys. It felt like i was going to get her pregnant anyway. An iud, or intrauterine device, is a small contraceptive device made of flexible plastic. Intrauterine device iud with copper also known as intrauterine coil, is a type of intrauterine. A copper intra uterine device prevents pregnancy by more than 99 per cent mostly by the copper stopping or killing the sperms spermicide. What sex feels like with an iud can guys feel an iud. I dont know if, being that hes circumcised, that maybe he might. I have heard that sometimes the guy can feel the strings, that hang into the vagina for removal.

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